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The paradox of courage [drabble] [Feb. 5th, 2011|10:42 pm]
Stitches: A Kakuzu Community


Titel: The paradox of courage
Characters: Kakuzu, Yugito
Words: 216
Summary: As a woman that is preparing for her death she desperately needs all strength he can give her.

The world is closing in, the feeling existential, impossible to ignore.
Having lost her purpose along with her village, she felt exposed, almost naked.
It was like standing at the edge of a bottomless chasm. Its stony maw gnawing at the very bones of her being where the nekomata was raging with fire colored all shades of blue and pure blinding white.
She always had the demon's power to enforce her, some humming confidence that ran trough her like blood. Yet she felt fragile now that that strength had been compromised, making her realize how wrapped up in each other she and the cat truly were.
He is steady before her, a tall dark form that effortlessly towers above her.
The morning sun that is falling in just the right angle makes his skin appear smooth. She squints, fading out the stiches, downing out all noise, all that is real.
He looks almost human now, almost gentle.
She is a woman on her way to her death, in the face of it as strangely and terribly free as she could possibly be.
Outside the gilded cage of the known, so the venomous voice that might or might not be the demon's tells her, she needs his power to become small against to be strong once more.