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Kabbalistic - An AU Naruto-verse RP - Stitches: A Kakuzu Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Kabbalistic - An AU Naruto-verse RP [Oct. 8th, 2008|08:55 pm]
Stitches: A Kakuzu Community



You’ve all seen how the Naruto Manga is playing out. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t.

But, haven’t you ever wondered… ‘What if?’

We have.

What if the Shinobi Villages were falling from glory? What if Konoha was one of the few green spaces left? What if plagues and daemons thrived and the world became death’s domain? What if the planet itself seemed to be dieing? What if--

Here. All those ‘What ifs’ are brutal reality.

The peace treaty once put in place to prevent another war like the one that caused the world’s downfall is hanging by mere threads as tensions run high. In this world, how do you chose who you trust? Not when otherworldly creatures of all sorts wear human guises as their skin. Wandering among mortals, waging their own battles, using this lesser realm as their new battleground. Not only do the shinobi have to protect their homes from other countries, but now these new threats as well.

With the appearances of these daemons several Academies were put in place to instruct shinobi how to deal with these new threats. The most successful being the one placed in Konoha. Little did the normal shinobi know, there was a secret force being trained there at night. So secret that even most of the top ranking (so called) Day Ninjas haven’t got a clue about it… because the members of that force – are some of the very beings that the Day students are being trained to protect their village from. Only difference is that they allied themselves with mortals for whatever reason.

Two counterparts of the same force. Identical, like two sides of a mirror. Except the other side has fangs and – a taste for blood.


Kabbalistic is a slightly AU Vampire Naruto RPG for Live journal that kicks off right at the beginning of Shippuden. With the sole exception that the Rescue Gaara Arc never occurred and the Akatsuki are just under the radar. Due to the nature of this RPG we can allow any Canon Characters (even those whom were thought deceased) as well as a variety of Original Characters.

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Game Start: March 14, 2007
Game Reopening: July 21, 2008

1) mystic: occult
2) obscure, mysterious, dark
3) having a secret or hidden meaning