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Stitches: A Kakuzu Community

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Welcome to Stitches, dedicated to the bounty hunter Kakuzu from the comic book series Naruto. There will be spoilers here, so if you're not caught up, you may want to turn back. Otherwise, join in and show your love for a man who really knows how to slit his wrists.

Kakuzu is a missing-nin who originates from Hidden Waterfall Village, but abandoned it for the Akatsuki Organization. He currently manages the organization's funds.

As a human being, Kakuzu has perhaps no redeeming qualities. He's not a man you want to be enemies with. He's not a man you want to be friends with, either. :) Godless, self-serving, greedy, impatient, and prone to violent anger, he has perhaps killed more members of Akatsuki than the group's many enemies.

He ultimately had the "fortune" of being partnered with the deadly cultist Hidan, a man who can't be killed, no matter how much Kakuzu might wish it. :) The duo has captured one Jinchuuriki from the Hidden Cloud Village, and now seeks an unknown bijuu in the Fire Country.


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